Mar 14, 2008

Was In The Mood Post~

Well well..hello..again.. Lol... *checking the date of my last post* O.o wooow... XD okay anyway, i was just in the mood for blogging. No idea why. Anyway, I wouldn't wanna talk about what happened since my last post til now.. 'cause currently I'm having my finals. Projects are killing me... But most probably I will do that when my holidays are here... Then I will keep u guys update from er...CNY until god knows when..

Okay, what i will be posting now is an old email with words of wisdom..advices..or whatever you wanna call it... I know all of you probably read it before, but then you know once in a while you go back and read it again.. It's kinda nice and it somehow em.. Makes you feel right when some things in your life are wrong.. And again you learn how to deal with them.. It's like you go and flip back for your formulas when you're doing maths again..

Here we go:-

Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two

1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.

3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don't love you with all they have.

4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them.

6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

8. Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you.

9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.

10. Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.

11. There's always going to be people that hurt you so what you have to do is keep on trusting and just be more careful about who you trust next time around.

12. Make yourself a better person and know who you are before you try and
know someone else and expect them to know you.

13. Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.

So how was it...? Nice isn't it..? I have more of these phrases in a book called "Never Give Up" if I'm not mistaken, it was given to me by my sister for Christmas last year. She bought it for me with a note in it, it says " Merry Christmas & May 2008 be an easier college year. (I'll always be by your side) Don't GIVE UP!" Aww... Thank you sis~ ^^ And's kinda like a self-help book. Whatever that's in the book were written by people like Walt Disney, Leonardo Da Vinci, Lao Tzu...yada yada yada... I'll probably type it all down in the blog next time around. Really it's a very simple book but it's very nice and it helps. ^^ Coincidently, i bought a book that's exactly the same for her, just the colour and the title "For A Successful Woman". Lol. It's from the same company. Haha.

Wokay, that's it from me for now.. It's 1.50am... I better be off to bed now. Take good care readers and wishing you good mental health. =)

Kin Kiat

Jan 27, 2008


Ever feel so confused that you don't know whether you should do the right things or do things right?

I hate it. It's mind blowing.

At times, just dont know whether you should continue care about other's feelings and what other people think...or think about you own feelings for....once in a blue moon.

Some say "you are just being too kind and soft hearted to others, people are taking advantage over you", others would probably say "you're just mean, shut up man"...

(And i thought being nice to other was a good thing)

It has to be done. I know. But HOW?!!

Mode: Confused, a lil emo and *toot* up. Need not to say more. = =

Jan 26, 2008

A quick short update i am again... Another new post in my blog that only happen once in a century.. No special reasons, just felt like posting some stuff...

Oh yea.. Ive finally finished my foundation terms and now Ive already major in Illustration. Well,more like semi major.. Yea.. I have like...17 people is my class, meeting new people and of course some of my old classmates are with me like Chie, Suki..yada yada... and NABILAH!!!!! XD Hahaha. I also have my old tutors and lecturers back in foundation terms to teach me again! Yay! Darren, Siau Fan, Lisa..etc... and a new lecturer i have been quite looking forward to have him as my lecturer - Khai Koon. XD He was one of the reason that inspired me to study in The 1 Academy. His art work and all is butt kicking man. DAMN GOOD! *thumbs up* =D

In my class (the only Illustration class for my batch)... Haih...It's sooo quiet... Back in foundation, my class was ever so noisy.. But now is like... only Nabs and I are the only people who are making noise. ( actually more like it's just me, myself and I, felt kinda stoopid at times making noise on my own >< ) I am trying my best to spice the class up you know, really i am...but just that...not much response... (C'mon man, make some noise people! Gosh! T.T) Sigh...

Now, that's about it for now... I really hope my class will be filled with kuso people soon.. honestly, if not I'll die...really i will.. can't really just being quiet in class for the next 2 more years... I really miss my foundation classmates.. Especially people like Marianne, Mike, Sherly... I miss CD075-3... T.T

Okay, hopefully I'll update again soon. Ciao.
Peace with you~ ^^

Dec 23, 2007

Lonely Christmas Eve...

Hmm.. Well... It's already Christmas eve... For the first time actually felt that... not very looking forward to Christmas... Usually, when i was still living with my mum.. (although seriously I dun like her man) step dad would probably bought the presents... and there will be a Christmas tree with presents in all sizes under it... the house will be quite nicely decorated... and I will be quite cheerful and cant wait till Christmas day... *to open Christmas presents of course*... and later in the Christmas afternoon... Step dad will most probably have some frens over, and he will cook turkey, I will be setting the table..getting the wine ready.. mum will be helping step dad in da kitchen....yada yada yada... Jingle jingle bell sing will be like..keep playing on and on in my head... Then ding dong, step dad's frens are over..they will be chit chatting, jokes...and yea... basically everything will be quite the old traditional British Christmas day...

Now...due to some serious family prob.. I left them (mum and step dad)... *mum doesn't even care whether Im with her or not*... Blah blah...*piff*

My mum... God knows where the heck she will be during Christmas... Maybe going for holiday with step dad or just go visit step grandparents...

As for my dad, he would probably go to the church with his 2nd family...

My jie jie might be going oversea..for work i think...

My bruv..performing in church, also with Li Wen (My Design 1 lecturer), they will be doing some drama...they asked me to go and Li Wen said it would be really fun... but then... just don't feel like going... I dunno why... sigh..

My friends... most of them will be with their families... So...i best not disturb them... i was saying..... Again...I feel really homeless... and there goes the question again... [ why cant i have a great and lovely family...? don't i deserve one? what have i ever done? it's not fair... why why why?? ] It just seems that I dun belong...anywhere... It kinda make no difference with a street dog...

Sigh..whatever it is..what is done, is done... The result of me today is all done by my parents, *fighting, arguments, separated, divorced, more shit happened, remarried, have more kids, all in da mess, making me confused* ... I gotta live with it man... Like my sis and bro, they go thru the same crap i did. So why am i complaining...? Think again... Aiyahh.... Christmas oni mah.... 1,2 days alone nvm la... Just stay home and sleep la... Im good man, im good... Hahahah...Haaha.... ha... *silents..* ....

Nway, just felt like...sharing a piece of my mind... A not so merry, Christmas for me after all... =/

Merry Christmas to those people who mean a lot to me, my loving sister, caring brother, and how can I forget? My great great friends! ^^ hohoho~ <3

Dec 20, 2007

The end of foundation terms... Nothing but great and wonderful memories...

Well well.... The end of 2nd term is finally ended... And it is also the end of our foundation terms... During this passed few month I have met lots of great great friends and very cool + kuso (crazy) lecturers... I still remember the 1st day when i entered TOA... My very first friend was Sherly..later then I met Nabs and slowly got to know everyone in the class CD075-3...

After I got to know everyone, everyone seems to be like my bruvs and sistas... Den god knows how did it happen, Sheena and Kwai Wan started calling me Daddy, so u see I have 2 really great, cute and wonderful daughters, then after that Rynne and Ho Yen started calling me that also. XD

Our class Tai Lou - Ethan, a great guy who leaded the class very nicely. Our very own Pokemon - Mika the Pikachu! Wahaha, and her best fren, the most hardworking girl in class - Eleen. The two pretty and hot girls in our class - Jennie and Reanne. Two very cool girls name Jia Chie and Vicky. A cute girl and as sweet as a nut - Sherly.

A guy with great artistic sense - Wan Xiong. A guy with cool style - Ash. A girl who's good at basketball - Xiao Yu. A bunch of cool, noisy, funny, funky, loud guys - Daniel, Dennis, Mike, Wilson, Willie, Tony, Bob. Two very close frens - Suki and Felicia. A quiet but great guy - Yih Chin. A very cute and funny chubby guy - Alex. Three cool and chilling dudes - Amir, Saifful and Zuhra.

A girl who is really great and fun to be with - Marianne. And lastly, my cool, fun, kuso (crazy), nice, best buddy - Nabilah!!! =D


Firstly, DESMOND! Our drama and communication skill lecturer! A guy which great acting skill and really really fun to be with! ^^

Here we have SER!! Our 1st term history lecturer! This guys is DA MAN im telling you! He is damn cool ah! Too bad that he left to Thailand to teach there or something like that. This guy is very understanding and really really funny and you wont get bored having him teaching you history! =D

DARREN!!! Our 1st term figures and drawing tutor! A cool dude and can do magic with pencil. *Well, we all can* =D *just the matter of whether the magic is good or not* XD Well, I do looking forward to have him as my tutor again~ Illustration bay bieee~ =D See you next term DARREN! Hopefully~

Here we have JUN MEI, an awesome and really pretty Figures Studies 1 lecturer! Do look forward to see her in my major terms again~ ^^

ZHUO YU!! A freakin cool guy man! Who loves to draw things like blood every where, violence stuff~ XD Also a great hip-hop dancer. *Havent ask him to dance for us yet, 1 day...1 day we will make him do it* Wawawawa~ He is our Figures Studies 2 lecturer~

This is MAY ANN! A really really successful and wonderful woman. And also very understanding , friendly, loving and kind. Bless her~ ^^ She teaches us copy writing.. She actually got me interested in Advertising...kinda in a way =D So yea~ There's me, Sheena, May Ann and Kwai Wan btw~

Design workshop 2 lecturer!! This man teaches us Photoshop. A very nice, friendly and funny man. He is MICHAEL. ^^ A really really great man!

Here is our workshop 2, calligraphy and design 2 tutor. She is CANDICE and everyone..and i mean EVERYONE loves her~ She's probably the sweetest and the kindest person u will ever meet~ WE LOVE U CANDICE!! ^^

This is HOOI CHIAT! Our History 2 lecturer. A person with great personality although her standards are a lil high on us.. But ya know~ That's how u improve rite? But her teaching is awesome. She made me wanna know more about the history of art and design.. ^^ Seriously she did. Think back the history we used to learn in school... *sweat* That sucks man. XD

She is our Design 2 lecturer - CHOW PING. A pretty good lecturer...yea... Ahaha~ Her words can be mean at time lar~ And requirement are pretty high... But overall she is ok la... She's cool she's cool... Hahaha..

SARAH!!!! Our Figures Studies 2 tutor~ She's damn freakin cool lar~ Damn FARNEE also~ XD U can go kuso with her~ She also likes hip-hop dancing. *evil...we will make her and Zhuo Yu dance for us* Kekeke~ She is also loud! *Yes you are Sarah, yes you are* =D Her requirements on us are high too but she always seems to gives us chances to improve, resubmit our work.. ^^ so yea...WE LOVE YOU SARAH!! U DA WOoo0-MAN! XD

Em...this pic is just for fun~ It looks funny lar~ Sarah was actually drawing hands viewing from different angles~ So there was I in a playful mood, so i took this pic~ Wahahah XD

This is our class' sotong - REANNE!! Why did i posted up her pic? Well, it is bcz she is leaving TOA to another college to study want she desires... So what I wana say here is TAKE GOOD GOOD CARE REANNE!! Remember u have all ur great frens here at TOA ok? We wish u best of luck and go far yea~ Wohoo~~ U go girl! We will miss you a lot! ^^ Especially ur close frens like Jennie, Sherly, Jia Chie and so on~ ^^ It was really really nice knowing you. =) ALL DA BEST!!

Lastly, this is our Design 1 lecturer - LI WEN (EVAN), a cool, quiet..not, great lecturer! XD He is always there to help if u r in need. Just ask him any questions abt work he would try his best to help u! Oh yea,he can do the rockin' on da guitar man..! XD

Anyway, after all that... This is also the only photo that I have that almost everyone in it. After these 6,7 months of spending time with u guys.. I felt really really blessed and lucky to know all of you.. Although all of us are choosing different majors, but all of us are still in THE ONE ACADEMY! Besides Nabs, Suki, Eleen and so on choosing the same major as me, to the others.. I will miss hanging out with u guys a lot~ I will miss all the noises in class, all the stupid and crazy things we did, the funny and silly stuff we always talked about... Yea i will miss all that a lot.. T.T

So, to end my called speech... XD I would just like to say... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! CD075-3 ROCKS DA WORLD!! YEAH BAY BIEEEEEEeeeeeee..........!!!! Lotsa love from me to you all~~ xoxoxo ^^ <3

E2 DRAMA!!! Show White and The 7 Gaints!! =D

OKAY!! Here's some photos of my class (E2) drama.. It is something like Enchanted.. ^^ Had so much fun practicing for it although Desmond tried to kill us sometimes for doing not good enough.. But in the end, the outcome was good and everyone did really well and we have tried our very best for it. So yea~ These photos are just some part of the drama~ ^^

People: OMG... Yeerr... The Prince so Poyo man....

KK: (=_=)

THE 7 GAINTS!!! Left to Right: Mike, Yih Chin,

Saifful, Ash, Daniel, Dennis and the TAIKOH Wilson!! =D

The Prince, Desmond and The Princess Show White =D


Ooooowwww... THAT'S DA PRINCE??!!

Daniel (Envy): But I'm more handsome than him!!

*sweat* XD

People: See see?? Here is the Prince "poyo"-ing again!!

KK: *T.T*

Desmond and the E2 clowns!!! Wohoo~~ =D Whee~~

At McD..

Another random day~~ at McD... With Nabs and Suki.. Damn sien... So...just did some stoopid stuff at McD and tons of people were looking at us cuz we were making so much noise~ Wawawa~

Cheese~~ ...... Heeeheehee~~ *evil*

Nabs: Stoopid KK! =D

Nabs and I~~ =D

The Cocky Punk and The Cunning Girl =P

Drama "Practise"

This is just one of those random days... We (E2 class) were practising for drama den ended up playing and fooling around... Then suddenly Nabs (E1) came and join us also... =D So yea there was us... Wahahahha~~

See what these monkeys were doing...? =D

I think I was KO adi.. See my foot? XD

Hahahaa.. I was just too tired~ lol.

......dun ask what the heck was I doing....?? =D

KK: Fly fly fly~~

Kwai Wan: *sweat*

Here's Dennis kena hamtam~ XD

Crazee Mike darn violence... =_="

Lu mau mati aah~~?


Mike, Yih Chin and.....I.. ZZzzz...

Left to Right: Mike, Eleen, Mika, Me, Kwai Wan,
Nabs, Sheena

and.....DENNIS THE LEMON GOD!! Heellloooo~~!! =D

Figure Sketch at Lagoon!! =D

Okay.. It was sometime during Nov.. We had our last Figure Sketching class at Sunway Lagoon. We were suppose to draw random people at Lagoon, some how some of us ended up drawing our own classmates. XD I mean..go asking someone at Lagoon to stand some where posing and draw by tons of students?? Imagine u r that person... Go figure... XD

Nway, we were "trained" to used charcoal pencils and sketch someone out in like er...3 mins?? Cool rite cool rite?? Where's the drawings u might ask?? ask.... XD *pai seh*

Advertising THE ONE ACADEMY!! XD
Ethan, Amir and I. =D

MARIANNE: See No Evillll! XD

NABILAH: Hear No Evilll!! -_-

KIN KIAT: No Evilll??!! =3

FELICIA: Speak No Evilll!! o.o



They are crazee..?? YEAH I KNOW!! XD

Dec 19, 2007

Sheena's 18th Bday! ^^ Nov 19th

Well, on that day... Kwai Wan and I skipped calligraphy class to celebrate Sheena's Bday! *sounded so proud* p/s: actually is didnt finish Calligraphy work so used Sheena's bday as excuse. XD Wahaha. We celebrated her bday at Secret Recipe Pyramid.

Later then Bernard ( Sheena's cousin ) came. When he arrived he said he drove all the way from Penang, represent Sheena's whole family to wish her happy birthday. XD *he didnt drove all the way from Penang la..* XD Later after lunch Nabs left and went for Calli class~ That day was quite fun. XD Here's some photos.

Sheena and I~ ^^

BERNARD!!! Damn cool guy lar~ XD

This fella is a crazy drummer man!


Sheena: Em....?

KK: Watchu looookin' at?

This is another photo took by Kwai Wan,
posing cute in front of the camera... *sweat* hahaha~

Er..this was taken when Kwai Wan was like playing
and taking ages to take the photo~ XD

The close sisters~ ^^ Wan Wan and Miho..

Sheena's Bday Prezzy from Nabs and I~
An arm rest mouse pad thingy...
Why? Bcz that girl loves to play games~ XD

Kwai Wan, Sheena, Nabs and I... Smiley~ ^^

Bernard and Sheena~

Err.. XD

Marianne's 18th B'day Photos~

Well, finally im posting up Marianne's Bday photos... Stoopid Comp.. *Sweat* Anyway enjoy~ ^^

Here's Nabs, Me, Marianne, Laura and Michelle.

BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES!! Made by Michelle and a few frens of Marianne. *It was good I'm telling u* =d

WOHOO!! 18th years old Marianne~

The last photo taken before Nabs and I left the party. Everything was really great and had a wonderful time. ^^ YAY!